Thursday, October 23, 2008

Upcoming Archiver's release

So here are some info about the upcoming Retro Christmas dies.
Strand of tree lights border
Retro tree 4x4
Retro Snowflakes ?x?
Retro tree trio ?x?
Retro Ornament 4x4 (like the old fashion blown glass- Bulb that has the point on the bottom)

Hopefully pictures will appear soon. So far I have heard mixed reviews about it from those that have seen them. Same about the upcoming holiday alphabet set Holly & Jolly. This set it 2 alphabets - One for the Silhouette and one 4x8 but with some extras. I am hoping santa drops Jolly under the tree for me. If I have really good (yeah right) then santa can drop Silhouette and Holly under my tree..

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