Friday, August 29, 2008

Some thoughts on the exclusive dies...

It may be just me but I don't like when the exclusive & QK regular dies are
so much alike...the spider web looks just like QK's release from last
fall....this one just has more lines in it.....don't get me wrong I love the
exclusives & may most of them but I like for them to be different from other

I do agree with you Anne. I felt that way when Quickutz released the pirate ship. I felt bad because the store spent a lot of money and time to create the Pirate ship for them to put one out right afterwards. But luckily those two dies are different sizes and can be used to make a layout look like it has depth. The Quickutz spider web is very straight lined. Normal spider webs are not that perfect and a lot people want more realistic dies. I just think it gives more people options. The castle die. ScrapHappy Ohio released a fairy tale type castle. Just recently Quickutz released more block style castle. I admit I have both. I noticed someone on the Quickutz board combined the two and it was cute. Then I combined the two with a little extra set of die cuts. And man it is pretty close to the Cinderella Castle at Disney.
I know it is blurry. Sorry. I was too lazy to walk to the car to get the tripod.
I like that there so much variety. I hate that some of the exclusive releases are so many dies at once. I wish they would break it up so it is not has shocking to the pocketbook.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

new hint..

If you get Archiver's Newletter there was a picture of 2 of their dies.. In August they used an Owl die in a project. Now we see that it is going to be releasing more holiday themed dies. Now we have a Spider web revolution die and border die.. Oh I must have the border die. It is great.. They will be available September 15th.

Archiver's and other things..

Archiver's is a tease or the UPS man is holding the dies hostage. When are their dies being released. Supposedly it is now going to be September 12th at Scrapfest. But who knows.

September is fast approaching. September 1st there are several stores that will be announcing new new exclusive dies, mailing dies or start taking orders.

ScrapHappy Ohio is announcing their new die.
Shoprememberwhen is announcing their new die.
Scrapyland has starting taking pre-orders.
Archiver's will hopefully release their new dies.

Then following that those dies we have been drooling over will be invading out mailbox. So for sure stop by the blog to see the new dies announced... Man my bank account is going to hate this next month..

Friday, August 22, 2008

A new fishy friend.

Well they have done it again for a third time this month. Scrapyland has released another cute die. This little guy will start pre-sale in September 1 to ship in October. This is a revolution die. Too cute..

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Clearer skies..

Well maybe not that clear. The sun did make an appearnace today. Not for long but we did see some sun rays and blue skies. Shocking I know. Sunshine in the Sunshine state..

This is a little bit of the sun shining through one of the storm's rain bans.

It has slowed down on the rain. Yeah! Accourding to the Weather channel my area got between 15 to 30 inches of rain. That is deep enough for Cody to swim in it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It is funny how one Utah Set shows up on eBay and more are soon to follow. As posted in the previous post one just sold at $179. Now someone has posted a set for $250 buy it now.. Check it out. At least they are offering free shipping.. There is also a Giraffe going for $110. Oh My..

An Idea for a Quickutz Die - A Hurricane would sell well in Coastal states.... Sorry I am a little over T.S. Fay.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well aparently TS Fay likes it here. According to the news what has stalled 35 miles south of Palm Bay. We are to be at work tomorrow if the weather is not as bad as it was this afternoon. I could care less because I have the vacation time to stay home and my doctor is on call. We keep getting the rain bans coming in and the wind & rain keeps picking up. It is erie to hear the wind howl like it is. I have been seeing the occasional flash of light and know someone is without power. So far as of 9pm Satellite Beach has had over 9 inchs of RAIN. There was a section of the bans off of Satellite Beach that looked like it could spawn a Tornado. Luckly it did not come on shore. There was a Tonado souch down in Barefoot Bay that damaged 54 Mobile Homes, 9 are no longer inhabital. I like in a fortress. The previous owner built brick on block with concrete in the block. As of 11pm She is down to 50mph she is suppose to leave the Melbourne area around 8am. They are not sure where she is heading next. Either Daytona or St. Augustine.. So if it goes to Daytona it is heading to My Grandmothers house. Worry there is that she live in a Mobile home. She is currently with my uncle and his fiance.

-I got to peak at the new die from Scrapyland and he is too cute. They will be releasing a third die next week. Pre-ordering starts September 1st with the dies shipping in October.
-Shop Remember When will be announcing a limited die on September 1st.
-Archiver's is not sure when their dies are coming out. It seems to depend on what store you ask. Some say anyday. Some say September 1st. And some say at Scrapfest. We will see...

-If you have been stalking Ebay lately you are may have seen the Utah Set and The 3 die Squeeze LE dies from the Golden Squeeze giveaway. Th First ever exclusive set - Utah just sold for $174.78 and that Squeeze set went for $189.28. OUCH!!!. For some people that would be enough to fill up their vehicle with gas. I quit bidding on the Utah set at $20. I don't need Jello That bad.
-Do not be suprised if you see if you are seeing more of the Early Limited Dies.. Apparently Quickutz is has cleaned out their warehouse and have located some Halibut and Loon Dies. Scrapbook Too has some of the loon dies but they have it attached to some of their quickutz sales. You can read about it in their most recent Newsletter. I would love to her on of the Loon Dies but if it is ment to be I will end up with one. If not, Oh Well I did not need it.


I just wanted to let you guys know I am going to be a little quiet for a few days. Fay is approaching and is blowing pretty hard. We have 40+mph winds with gusts in the upper 50's right now. I am not sure how long we will keep power and how long it will be would be out if we lose it. We have gotten a couple inches of rain and we are in our 4th or 5th tornado watch and now our first watch not far from us now. The area of concern is just over the river from us. It is near the boys I watch's house. So I am off & will let you know when it passes...

I know there is a new die out but will have to post more when Fay moves over. She is throwing quite a nice temper tantrum right now..

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Loons and Cattails.

I got some info in my mailbox from about this die.. Thanks Cheryl. Apparently Quickutz have some of the Loon & Cattails hidden in their warehouse. Scrapbooks Too has some of those dies. If you get their newsletter you can get the detail. The current special is spend $150 in either in the store or in Quickutz dies (you will have to ask to get what is correct) and you can purchase it the Loon & Cattails die set for $19.99. (sorry I lost track of the information when I watched a person eating a 72oz steak, salad, potato, roll & shrimp cocktail in less then an hour, My stomach just hurts thinking about it.. ) Well I must go back to reading.. Watch later this week to see Scrapyland's next die announcement.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Now this is an Extremely Hard to find Exclusive

A Utah set of exclusived has popped up on eBay.. These dies are the First Exclusive dies ever released.. Check it out here.. Heck I might even bid on it since it is still at a good price...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mark your calander..

It has been announced that Shop Remember When will be announcing their new die on September 1st. Can you believe that it is only 17 days away. Where is the time going??? It seems like just yesterday the school let out. School starts Monday here. Oh my.. Just blink and we will be finding announcements of new exclusive dies to buy or being shipped. I am so ready to play with the Orca, Tea Set and Fairy. I feel like the kid before christmas. Dying to brake into those packages.. Wanna see. Wanna see..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A new die has been announced...

Is he not the cutest... Scrapyland has announced a their first of 3 new dies. Preorders start September 1st.

Scrapyland Seal announcement.. It is a single revolution die.

I will post the pre-order link when it is posted..

Way to go Dani on another cute die..

Saturday, August 9, 2008

News from Archivers...

There are 15 Exclusives coming out
5 2x2's
7 4x4's
3 borders
They would only say it was the owl and Holidays, they would not go into what holiday. Also, I do know they are being shipped to A's on Monday and then A's ships them to each store

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A rare sighting...

A new tide has hit the eBay site is a little fishy.. A rare and unusual site has been surfacing and making waves in the quickutz pool. A few of the Halibut dies have made an appearance. You could almost call the Halibut die the Nessie of the Quickutz world. They are rarely seen and they have a pretty price on their fishy little heads. So far two have gone quickly and little is known on how many more will surface. You must have a nice size piggy bank bring this baby home..

going, going, GONE...

It is now official.. All the Mermaids are gone and will not be coming back. So if you have one lucky you. Virginia has left the building.. I really like mine..

Bye Bye Virginia.. Great work Beach Scrapbooks on such a beautiful die...

Monday, August 4, 2008

August 8th

Well it looks like the 8th is the official release date of the new Archivers Dies. They are having a Make & Take weekend.

Make & Take weekend <-here is the announcement. Those of you who can get some pictures of the dies just drop me a line with the pics.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


aIt is now August and as everyone knows it is time for Archiver's to take thier chunk out of out of our bank accounts. So I am on the look out for the pictures of thier new dies..