Saturday, March 22, 2008

Archiver's is trying to break our banks

C-0043-S-REV Hippo
C-0044-S-REV Giraffe
C-0045-S-REV Chick
C-0046-S-REV Monkey

$19.99.. Sorry.. I had the wrong price.. it is corrected now

These are all new releases from Archivers. They are all revolution dies. I am working on getting the Die numbers. If you want these you need to start calling because if they are as limited as the christmas dies they will be gone in no time. That means they are up to 6 revolution dies and 2 2x2 dies.

3/23/08 The numbers are posted but I was not given as to which die they go with. Still working on it for you.

3/24/08 Well I have been able to get the numbers and which die it goes to. These dies have already hitting eBay. One seller is already offering them for $43 each. Maybe Archivers should limit people so others can purchase them. Someone also has them for $199.99 for all 4 dies.. Too much for my blood.. It I get them, I get them..

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Watch your mail

If you called Whim-so-doodle you should bed checking out your mail box. You may find some coffee or tea in your mail box.. My Dies arrived today. I must say ladies that this is a great set of dies..

Friday, March 14, 2008

Fabio is now on the Web

You can now purchase Fabio the Flamingo on the Web..

They have the largest selection of Exclusive releases.

the swedish set (seven different dies)
Seahorse Also has a great selection if the Exclusive Releases.
2x2 Pirate ship (would be great with the new 4x4 die)
Teddy Bear

This is one way to order a bunch of them at once and still support the local Scrapbook stores. They here before paying the inflated eBay prices. Like I have tried to keep you informed as to who still have dies in stock. Why pay $60 for one when you can support a LSS for less. The only ones that are hard to get are the Archiver's releases, The Gypsy heart, Loon & Cattails, Utah, Ticket and Gold Heart. The Web retailers have purchase the Exclusive dies from the releasing store and have decided to offer then on the web to help with convince.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mermaids swimming to the my mail box.

I got an e-mail today saying Viginia is shipping out her 2 shipment of dies. Way to go Beach Scrapbooks on your sales..

I also got an email late last week that the Trike has been shipped. I think my Mailman is holding it hostage... Just kidding. It should be here any day.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Check your bear..

Ladies and Gentleman..
Please check you teddy bears eyes... Some of the dies are having issue with his eyes. They may not punchout correctly.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Current Order of Dies

C-0042-D-REV Coffe & Tea
C-0041-S-REV Tricycle
C-0040-S-REV Elephant
C-0039-D-REV <~~~~Hummmm This one is not on the Quickutz Site yet. Wonder what it is?
C-0038-D-REV Teddy Bear
C-0037-S-REV Deer
C-0036-S-REV Mermaid
C-0035-S-REV Lighthouse
C-0034-D-REV Castle
C-0033-D Present
C-0032-D Snowman
C-0031-S-REV Penguin
C-0030-S-REV Christmas Tree
C-0029-D Lucia Crown
C-0028-D Star Hat
C-0027-D Grad Cap
C-0026-S Snaps & Herring
C-0025-S Crown
C-0024-S Pig
C-0023-S Sword
C-0022-D Skull
C-0021-D Midsummer Pole
C-0020-D Advent Candleholder
C-0019-D Flag
C-0018-D-REV Flamingo
C-0017-S-REV Seahorse
C-0016-S-REV Manatee
C-0015-D-REV Horse
C-0014-S-REV Gypsy Heart
C-0013-S-REV Tiara & wand
C-0012-D Pirate Ship
C-0011-D Monkey
C-0010-S-REV Dump Truck
C-0009-D Varsity O
C-0008-D Buckeyes
C-0007-T Squeeze Tool
C-0006-S Golden Heart
C-0005-S Ticket
C-0004 Halibut
C-0003-S License Plate (Also C-EVENT-1)
C-0002-D I Love You
C-0001 Loons & cattails
C-DS-001-1-6 Utah Set - Beehive
C-DS-001-2-6 Utah Set - Bowl of Jello
C-DS-001-3-6 Utah Set - Arch
C-DS-001-4-6 Utah Set - Temple
C-DS-001-6-6 Utah Set - State Shape
C-DS-001-7-7 Utah Set - Utah


I have heard a rumor that one of the stores that released a die in florida is working on releasing another. Ummm. When I hear more it will be posted here.

Scrapyland is at it again...

C-0041-S-REV $24.99

Well Scrapyland has done it again. They have announced their third limited Die. According to the website it is already shipping. The trike is in addition to the Seahorse and Ellie the elephant. They also carry the Monkey die. I will attest that they have quick shipping and keep you posted on the status of your order.