Saturday, June 21, 2008

Virginia is Swimming away...

I have received work that Virginia the mermaid is now in extremely limited quantity. Beach Scrapbooks only had 50 Left.. Give Virginia a new home. She does not want to be sold on eBay. She wants the money to go to the Great store who created her. They are not going to be reordering this Exclusive Die. Support you Local Scrapbook Store. They are the ones who are designing these beautiful dies and if we want more it is better to go to the creative soure not just to eBay.. Link to Beach Scrapbooks is listed on the Left hand side of this blog or just click on the name..

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Heart & Wings

I was just checking Scrappin' Good Time's Website.. The Gypsy Heart is back in stock.. Why pay the eBay prices..

Coming in September..

Courtesy of a tip from Angelique. is releasing a new die in September. Alright girls if you are fequent flier to Seaworld or any other Marine park, you are going to love this die.. It is on my to buy list. This goes on pre-sale July 1st for $24.99.

They are having a Name the Orca contest. If you win you get the Die for free.

Thank you Angelique so much for this tip. If anyone has heard what new dies ScraphappyOhio and Scrapbook express are releasing, let me know..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thank You Geraldine

Courtesy of Geraldine I now have all of the codes for the Archivers new dies.
C-0047-D Globe
C-0048-D Coconut Drink
C-0049-S-REV Patterned Arrows
C-0050-S-REV Patterned Brackets
C-0051-D-REV Luggage Tag
C-0052-S-REV Beach Umbrella
C-0053-S-REV Palm Tree
C-0054-S-REV Tropical Leaves
C-0055-S-REV Flip Flops
C-0056-S-REV Pink Flamingo
C-0057-?-REV Wedding Cake
C-0058-S-REV wedding dress
C-0059-D-REV Beach Chair
C-0060-S-REV Compass
C-0061-S-REV Scallop Flower
C-0062-S-REV Flower Outline
C-0063-D-REV Layered Flower
C-0064-S-REV Spring Flowers
C-0065-S-REV Birthday Penguin
C-0066-S-REV Tropical Flowers
C-0067-BDR waves

This is where your help comes in handy. I am no where near any of the Archivers stores. They apparently have not decided to venture into Florida. But a wonderful read has sent these to me and I have posted them for all to read. I can not keep this up to date with out you guys help.

Thank you Geraldine, your e-mail was a big big help.

Now I just have to take the time to try and call around and get a few of the ones I want.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Archiver's Die Numbers..

Since Archiver'sis now selling the new limited releases of course they are starting to hit eBay of course.. I will update as I get the numbers.

C-0049-?-REV Arrows

C-0054-?-REV Leaves

C-0055-?-REV Flip Flops

C-0056-?-REV Flamingo

C-0057-?-REV Wedding Cake

C-0058-?-REV Wedding Dress

C-0059-?-REV Beach Chair

C-0060-?-REV Compass

C-0065-?-REV Birthday Peguin

Coconut Drink (2x2 die)