Friday, October 31, 2008

This is Meez

I'm krissynae


This is the 3D me.
Make your own,
and we both get Coinz!

This was suppose to go to my main blog.. Oops... Anyway this is me and almost what I was for halloween..

Caught in the cookie jar..

Sorry can't get a picture off the website but Scrappers Cove has announced the release of their new exclusive quickutz die. It is a cookie jar with 2 cookies. If you would like to check it out here. It is $34.99.

Hope everyone has a great & safe Halloween.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

mystery die..

So someone on a message board showing a new quickutz die. It is unsure whether this is future quickutz release or an unannounced store die. Only time with tell but this is a look at the die..

Updates on dies..

Well if you have not picked up your Fairy die, you should be notified soon that she has arrived at the stores soon. I got my phone call that she is in. I will pick her up on Halloween.

The Holly border. The stores have received notice that this die is shipping to the distribution center. Then it will be sent out to the stores. We will have this die before Christmas.

The Archiver Christmas dies. They are hopefully going to be released on November 7th.

Scarecrow die - still available
The Cowboy die - is still do in any day
Princess carriage - is still on pre-order due in November
Turtle and Turkey - are still available.
Sea Creature border - Starts pre-order in 2 weeks
Backhoe - Still available.

Hope this information helps get everyone up to speed. Remember all links are on the left hand side of the blog. Have a great day..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Final two Hobby Lobby Dies

The final 2 Hobby Lobby dies have appeared on their website. Here they are..

The apple die is a 2x2 die at $12.99.

The shape die is a 4x4 die at $16.99.

Look what appeared on line today...

Is it not pretty. This would look great on aquarium pages or Nemo pages.. You could separate them and put them all over the page. Another great die from Beach Scrapbooks. This will be on their website in 2 weeks. It is suppose to arrive in the store some time in December but you know how things go. When they know they post it on line.; This is going to $34.99. Beach Scrapbooks Blog.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Info on new die from Beach Scrapbooks.

Paula posted this on a scrapbook board so I am sharing the info. I am can not wait to see this die. As a Florida girl it will come in handy. I bet it will look great on Nemo pages and Seaworld pages. Thanks Paula for the information.
Beach Scrapbooks in Virginia Beach has shown us their new exclusive this
evening. It is a 12" border die that is absolutely to die for. the theme is
called "SEA CREATURES" it features a jelly fish..a lovely
fish..crab..octypus..oyster with another exotic different
fish..and a sting ray.
What makes this border die so unique is not only that
it is fabulous, but very thought out, although this is a border die, they have
included enough give between each creature to use as a border die, or cut out
individually creating separate dies.
They have ordered only 600 of these
dies , our club members can only order 2 which I did tonight, they will have it
up on the web in the next week or so, so that you can pre-order them. They are
$34.99 each and worth every penny. They will ship overseas, but they have not
determined the cost yet, nor the cost for domestic shipping.
Our club has 70
members, so if each one of us buys 2 that is 140 leaving 460 for the entire
country and overseas to order. If you want this fabulous border, then I would
not delay, they are due to arrive in the store sometime in December.
looked at this border and felt it, saw the cut outs as a whole unit and each one
cut out separately. This is a must have border.
I did ask Jenn one of the
owners if it was alright to let go of the information and she has approved my
doing this.

Jenn is going to fill her QK Club members orders first. She will post the link to pre-order the die sometime next week. When I get a picture I will post it her. Jenn you have us salivating to see a picture of your beautiful creation.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekly layouts..

This is a card created by LynnesAddiction.
This is a layout by Shar.

This is a card created u TexasRN76712.

This is a layout created by lovequickutz.

This is a card by Shar.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Well here is a peak. Enjoy...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Upcoming Archiver's release

So here are some info about the upcoming Retro Christmas dies.
Strand of tree lights border
Retro tree 4x4
Retro Snowflakes ?x?
Retro tree trio ?x?
Retro Ornament 4x4 (like the old fashion blown glass- Bulb that has the point on the bottom)

Hopefully pictures will appear soon. So far I have heard mixed reviews about it from those that have seen them. Same about the upcoming holiday alphabet set Holly & Jolly. This set it 2 alphabets - One for the Silhouette and one 4x8 but with some extras. I am hoping santa drops Jolly under the tree for me. If I have really good (yeah right) then santa can drop Silhouette and Holly under my tree..

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cute layout

Cute card using the Hobby Lobby Trees. This is from Amy Walton. Posted on the Quickutz Site.

Check it out here..

New Crafter's Home die..

So it has been announced. The new Crafter's Home die is...

So what do you think????

More layouts..

This is a card by Cali_Mom.
This tag was created by Cali_Mom.

This card is by sbartist.

This is a card from Trufia.

This card is by grace9999.

This is a card from env310

This card is from env310.

This layout is from TristanzNina

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Word of another die...

Sue from Scrapper's Cove dropped me a line. They will be releasing another great die before the end of the year. Can't wait to see what wonderful creation you guys have created.
Thanks Sue..

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pictures & Prices of the Hobby Lobby Dies

Adornment 4x4 $16.99 C-0122-S-REV

Airplane 2x2 $12.99 C-0097-D

Bird 2x2 $12.99 C-0098-D

Crown 2x2 $12.99 C-0107-D

Flower 2x2 $12.99 C-0104-S-REV

Frame 4x4 $16.99 C-0105-S-REV

Frog 2x2 $12.99 C-0101-D

Ornament 4x4 $16.99 C-0106-S-REV

Snail 2x2 $12.99 C-0100-D

tree 2x2 $12.99 C-0099-D

Still missing is the
Apple 2x2 $12.99 C-0102-D
Shapes 4x4 $16.99 C-0103-S-REV

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hobby Lobby

So I was reading through several of the posts on one of the message boards I pop in on. So there will be some new exclusives from Hobby Lobby hitting their stores soon. Here are the numbers of the dies. But.. no pictures yet.
C-0097-D – “Airplane”
C-0098-D – “Bird”
C-0099-D – “Tree”
C-0100-D – “Snail”
C-0101-D – “Frog”
C-0102-D - “Apple”
C-0107-D – “Crown”
Revolution Dies:
C-0103-S-REV – “Shapes”
C-0104-S-REV – “Flower”
C-0105-S-REV – “Frame”
C-0106-S-REV – “Ornament”
C-0122-S-REV – “Adornments”
So we will see what they look like and how broke we will be..

A new die coming out soon.

So a little birdie dropped me a line. This birdie says watch your newsletter from Beach Scrapbooks (the creator of the Virginia the Mermaid). Virginia will be getting a friend soon. I will let you know when I hear something. I must say.. I wish I lived near Beach Scrapbooks. They have Donna Downey coming to their store.. I wish it could make it up there. It would be great to meet her. I can dream..

I did get an about Fabio.. If you do not know by now. He is sold out. Even sadder is Scrapbook Cottage and Scrapbook Market (Tallahassee Store) will be closing their doors. The even worst thing is Scrapbook Cottage is my 2nd home. It so breaks my heart. I am going to try and find a way to put on here which dies are still available and which are not. Time to play on here. So Happy Tuesday.

Monday, October 13, 2008

More layouts and Ideas..

This is a book from Pinkpanda.
This is a creation from Gypsybear.

This creation is DebiP. She used the Hippo to create the gorilla.

This card is from Sugarlips.

This layout is from Cali_Mom

This layout is from egmitter.

This layout is from Dutchgirl

This layout is from Pinkpanda.

This layout is from Michele.

This layout is from J.M.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Here are some picture from the QK Gallery.

These are a start. I will try to post a couple a week. for your enjoyment. Just remember check back on October 20th for the annoucement of the New Crafter's Home Border Die.
Here is another layout from J.M.

This layout is from DeniseB.
These layouts are from Shar.

This layout is from Trufia

This layout is from Michele.
These are from Pinkpanda.

This layout is from Crackerjackgirl.

This layout was posted by J.M.