Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And she has a Name

Well Scrapyland has finished their contest to name their beautiful new Elephant. Her new name is Ellie the Elephant.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

An elephant on the horizon...

Why.. Yes there is.. C-0040-S-REV

This is the second release of a special die from Scrapyland. She has not been named yet and they are not going to except orders until after her name is announced after January 27th. So I can not post a price yet. She is very cute. Why not take a peek....


Scrapyland also carries the Lighthouse, Seahorse and Monkey.

Update on Virginia the Mermaid.

I was just checking Beach Scrapbooks website. Well it looks like Virginia was a Hit. She is sold out of her first shipment. She has placed another order for the die. She is expected to receive the die around the beginning of March. She is taking Pre-orders for the March shipment. I guess that is when I will receiving my order. Yes you got it.. I did not order my Mermaid yet. I am going to pick up my lighthouse die today. Yeah.. I know a little slow on the draw..

A big Thank You.

I would like to think Angelique, John and Helen for all there help. I really appreciate their help. I like the input of others. I do not have all these dies so I can not get all the die numbers. I put this together because I am an addict of these gorgeous dies. I would love any info on new dies coming out. I love to find out the names the stores have named their creations. If you get wind of a new die, please drop me a line and will try to keep this going.

Thank you for All your help.

Update on the Teddy Bear Die.

http://www.scrappingcottage.com/has made an announcement but this Cute die.

We are honored to offer another Exclusive QuicKutz Shape designed by Memory
Lane Scrapbooks. Pre-orders are now being accepted on this adorable 4" x 4"
shape (2 dies).

They currently Offer the Deer, Teddy Bear, Monkey and Pirate Ship

Friday, January 11, 2008

Virginia the Mermaid

C-0036-S-REV http://www.beachscrapbooks.com/Mermaid.aspx $24.99

Well this is Beautiful mermaid was created by the staff at Beach Scrapbooks. She will be arriving around February 1st. The website states you can start purchasing her on-line January 12th at 10am. And she take PayPal..

Thursday, January 10, 2008


The owner of Beach Scrapbooks posted on her blog that she was the 36th Die released. Does that include the Loon & Cattails, Halibut and Utah set. Or are we missing 3 dies??? If I count right then it does include those three dies. Just something to ponder...

A Mermaid swimming in the water?????

Hummm. I have recently heard a rumor of a Mermaid die coming out of Virginia Beach, Va. http://www.beachscrapbooks.com/ Right now the website says they are holding a guess the Die. I sent to get information. We will see soon.

Well just after I posted this someone posted a puzzle that was posted on Beach Scrapbooks website as a Clue. I was not able to down load it. So here it is..

Sunday, January 6, 2008

So here it is.

I have added all the store and event dies. I have not figured if I want to put the limited alphabets and summer releases on here. Only time will tell. Keep checking back to see what appears.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Coffee or tea

all the info about ordering is on the January 2, 2008 blog entry. $34.99 This die was created to use with the Revolution tabletop cutter.

This die was created by the group at Whim So Doodle. This is to be released in March 2008 and is available for pre-order. Whims-o-Doodle is not taking website orders, you must give them a call (727) 827-4911.

Norbert the Unbearably cute Bear

C-0038-D-REV http://www.memorylane-store.com/ $34.99 This die was made for the Revolution tabletop die.

These cute little teddy bears were made by Memory Lane. They are due to ship out at the end of January 2008. There is an order form you can download and fax to them.

***Thank Helen and Angelique for the update.


C-0037-s-REV http://www.memorylaine.net/ $29.99 This die is for the Revolution tabletop cutter. It is to be released in the later half of January 2008

This die was released by Memory Laine. I have not figured out where to order it from their site. But with the help of Scrapping Cottage it can be purchased on their site. http://www.scrappingcottage.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=2323. It is available for $24.99 as a pre-order then it will go up to $29.99.


C-0035-S-REV http://scrapperscove.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=3236 $21.99 This die was made for use in the Revolution Tabletop cutter.

This die was created by Scrappercove. According to the website it is in stock and ready to ship as of 1/2/08.


C-0034-D-REV http://www.qbaroo.com/scraphappyohio/main.cfm?heading=1&categoryoid=137 $34.99 (FYI $6.50 shipping priority USPS) This die was made to fit the Revolution tabletop cutter.

This castle was created by Scrap Happy Ohio. It is in stock and ready to ship.
I ordered this on a Friday night and got it on Monday. I was very impressed.


C-0031-S-REV This die is for the Revolution tabletop cutter. $??.??
C-0033-D This is a 2x2 die which can be use with the Squeeze or Revolution cutter. $??.??
C-0032-D This is a 2x2 die which could be used in the Squeeze or Revolution $??.??
C-0030-S-REV This die was made for the Revolution tabletop cutter. $??.??

These dies were made for a chain store called Archiver's. Very few were distributed between to stores. According to a friend as of 1/5/08 she called 16 stores to make the set complete. http://www.archiversonline.com/ They are not listed on their website. They are all over eBay but they are greatly over priced.

The Squeeze.

This is a triple die. We think the number is C-0007 -T but Quickutz will not confirm or deny this. I got this picture from eBay.

**** Update with the Help of John. This was part of the Golden Squeeze Winners or those who attended the Retreat for the winners. Thank you John for your help.****

The Golden Heart tag

This golden Die was another event giveaway during 2007.


C-0011-D http://www.urbanscrapyard.com/index.php?PageViewStyle=sl&secType=HP&PHPSESSID=70a23fd999b5317551f81fe16050510a $16.99 This a 2x2 die and will fit both the Squeeze and Revolution.

The monkey was created Urban Scrapyard. The great store is located in Toronto, Ontario. Because of customs, they have graciously let some of the US stores sell this die. So check you local store to see if they have it.
Store I know that carry it:
Scrapbook cottage
Remember When

**** Store update with the Help of Angelique. There is a store in Germany selling the Monkey. http://www.paper-memories.de/. Thank you again Angelique. ****

Gypsy wings and heart

C-0014-S-REVhttp://www.scrappingoodtimes.com/newproducts.html $24.99 This dies was made for the Revolution tabletop cutter.

This die was created by Scrappin' Good Times. I am sorry to say that the site says they are currently sold out. But they say send them a note and they might order more if they have enough interest.

PS The wings come out great done in mulberry paper.

Remi the Horse

C-0015-D-REV http://www.shoprememberwhen.com/page/page/4807245.htm $34.99

The beautiful horse was created by Remember When. According the site there are still dies available.

Fabio the Flamingo

C-0018-D-REV $34.99 This die was made for the Revolution
tabletop cutter.

Fabio was a joint effort by two great store.
http://sbcottage.com/ 321-255-2111 (I know they still have some in stock)
http://www.scrapbookmarket.com/sbmindex.html 850-894-5522

Ruby the Manatee

C-0016-S-REV http://www.qbaroo.com/rubanrouge/main.cfm?categoryoid=81 $21.99 This dies was made for the Revolution tabletop cutter.

This die came from Ruban Rouge.

Pirate Ship

C-0012-D http://www.scrappingcottage.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=1861 This is a 2x2 die for use in the Squeeze and Revolution cutter.

The pirate ship was released by Scrapping Cottage.
This store also carries the Monkey die and will be carrying the Deer dies.
*** as of 1/26/08 they will be offering the teddy bear dies***

Swedish release

These were released by ScrapHouse in Sweden. (http://www.scraphouse.se/index_html/index_eng/engelska.html) It is in Swedish and I could not find a place to order them on-line through this site.
The kind people at Scrapyland have them listed on-line. Thank you Scrapyland. http://www.scrapyland.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=231
There are a total of 11 dies. They are all 2x2 dies that will fit both the Squeeze and Revolution.
Advent Candleholder C-0020-D $21.99
Crown C-0025-S $16.99
Flag C-0019-D S21.99
Grad cap C-0027-D $21.99
Lucia Crown C-0029-D $21.99
Midsummer Pole C-0021-D $21.99
pig C-0024-S $16.99
Skull C-0022-D $21.99
snaps & herring C-0026-S $16.99
Star hat C-0028-D $21.99
Sword C-0023-S $16.99


C-0017-S-REV http://www.scrapyland.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=1677&HS=1 $24.99

This die was created by Scrapyland. This die was created for the Revolution tabletop cutter. According to the site it is available and in stock.

Dump Truck & Tiara with Wand

C-0013-S-REV http://www.scrapbookexpress.com/redietiwae.html $19.99 According to the website this die is only available until January 2008.
C-0010-S http://www.scrapbookexpress.com/rediedutrled.html $18.99 According to the website this die is only available until June 2008.

These great designs were from Scrapbook Express. They are both created to be used with the Revolution tabletop cutter.

Scrapbook Express also has the Monkey Die available.

Varsity O & Buckeyes

C-0009-D http://shop.cordcamera.com/Items/5023080?sck=15148799 $14.99
C-0008-D http://shop.cordcamera.com/Items/5023098 $14.99
These were released by Cord Camera and Scrapbooks.
As of this post they still dies available.
You can also purchase both dies for a lower price $29.99

I Love You

Release by The Memory Zone for $19.99 it is a doublekutz

Check out their website because these are still for sell through them. Why pay eBay prices.

The Ticket

This was also handed out at vendor events in 2006 early 2007. Later a smaller ticket was sold.

The License plate

C-EVENT-1 or C-0003-S
It was handed out at Quickutz events by the vendors during 2005. Some of these dies where handed out in little baggies with a I <3 QK

The Halibut


This is the picture I found on 2Peas. I am not 100% sure it is the correct one, but it is the closest I have gotten. The die was sold through the store More Than a Memory, AK, (907) 222-7750. They do not carry any more of these dies. The original owner sold the store and the new owners do not have access to this design.

**** With the help of John. This is the correct picture of the Halibut die. Thank you John.****

Loon & Cattails

This die was released through Scrapbooks Too, Bloomington, MN, 952-884-0885. They do not have any left of this die. You will occasionally find one on eBay.

Utah set

This was found on eBay. They are asking $300 for this limited release. The seller was kind enough to send me the Die codes on the top.
Dies include:
C-DS-001-1-6 Beehive
C-DS-001-2-6 Bowl of Jello
C-DS-001-3-6 Arch
C-DS-001-4-6 Temple
C-DS-001-6-6 State Shape
C-DS-001-7-7 Utah