Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More exclusive info... RUMORS..

So there are rumors out that there will another exclusive release from Archivers either toward the end of October or toward the end of the year.. Like I said before... Everyone is getting die cuts for Christmas.. They are apparently planning to release a die every quarter.

Also Crafters Home is rumored to announce a holiday border exclusive around the 20th of October. Like others have said.. I hope they are not cute because I can not afford to get them. I think the pups need to get a job.. Or find a way to make money off their cuteness.. Gracie could be rented out as a vacuum or garbage disposal. Cody as a boxing partner or a cuddler..

Someone made a comment about me saying my stash of dies. I am afraid I must admit that I have added most of the Exclusive dies to my Quickutz library. I think I have more Exclusive dies then I have regular dies. Well at least in the Revolution dies that is.

If you have not picked up your Archiver's dies.. Well they have admited that they had overpriced the 2x2 dies. Some stores have them for $9. That is all I have right now.. Happy Hump day...

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