Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hobby Lobby

So I was reading through several of the posts on one of the message boards I pop in on. So there will be some new exclusives from Hobby Lobby hitting their stores soon. Here are the numbers of the dies. But.. no pictures yet.
C-0097-D – “Airplane”
C-0098-D – “Bird”
C-0099-D – “Tree”
C-0100-D – “Snail”
C-0101-D – “Frog”
C-0102-D - “Apple”
C-0107-D – “Crown”
Revolution Dies:
C-0103-S-REV – “Shapes”
C-0104-S-REV – “Flower”
C-0105-S-REV – “Frame”
C-0106-S-REV – “Ornament”
C-0122-S-REV – “Adornments”
So we will see what they look like and how broke we will be..


Kristen H said...

Thanks for doing all this work for all us Quickutz fans out there. You ROCK!!! I am in a card club for Quickutz and use a different die every month, and each uses the same die. It is really fun to see what everyone comes up with. I tell them to check out your blog all the time. THANK YOU!!!

Stargaizer said...

You do such a great job! How or when can we order these from hobby lobby I don't have a store near me.