Monday, September 29, 2008


Lonestar Scrapbooks has made an announcement. They are not only carrying the fairy die but they will releasing a Texan Cowboy. He is on pre-order at $34.99 and is due out in mid-October. I think he is pretty cute. Not sure if I will get him. Oh heavans you know he will end up in my stash...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Complete list as of 9/22/08

C-DS-001-1-6 Utah Set - Beehive
C-DS-001-2-6 Utah Set - Bowl of Jello
C-DS-001-3-6 Utah Set - Arch
C-DS-001-4-6 Utah Set - Temple
C-DS-001-6-6 Utah Set - State Shape
C-0001 Loons & cattails
C-0002-D I Love You
C-0003-S License Plate (Also C-EVENT-1)
C-0004 HalibutC-0005-S Ticket
C-0006-S Golden Heart
C-0007-T Squeeze Tool
C-0008-D Buckeyes
C-0009-D Varsity O
C-0010-S-REV Dump Truck
C-0011-D MonkeyC-0012-D Pirate Ship
C-0013-S-REV Tiara & wand
C-0014-S-REV Gypsy Heart
C-0015-D-REV Horse
C-0016-S-REV Manatee
C-0017-S-REV Seahorse (also C-0117-S-REV)
C-0018-D-REV FlamingoC-0019-D Flag
C-0020-D Advent Candleholder
C-0021-D Midsummer Pole
C-0022-D Skull
C-0023-S Sword
C-0024-S Pig
C-0025-S Crown
C-0026-S Snaps & Herring
C-0027-D Grad Cap
C-0028-D Star Hat
C-0029-D Lucia Crown
C-0030-S-REV Christmas Tree
C-0031-S-REV Penguin
C-0032-D SnowmanC-0033-D Present
C-0034-D-REV Castle
C-0035-S-REV Lighthouse
C-0036-S-REV MermaidC-0037-S-REV Deer
C-0038-D-REV Teddy Bear
C-0039 ??????????????????
C-0040-S-REV ElephantC-0041-S-REV Tricycle
C-0042-D-REV Coffe & Tea
C-0043-S-REV Hippo
C-0044-S-REV Giraffe
C-0045-S-REV Chick
C-0046-S-REV Monkey
C-0047-D Globe
C-0048-D Coconut Drink
C-0049-S-REV Patterned Arrows
C-0050-S-REV Patterned Brackets
C-0051-S-REV Luggage Tag
C-0052-S-REV Beach Umbrella
C-0053-S-REV Palm tree
C-0054-S-REV Tropical Leaves
C-0055-S-REV Flip Flops
C-0056-S-REV Pink Flamingo
C-0057-S-REV Wedding Cake
C-0058-S-REV Wedding Dress
C-0059-D-REV Beach Chair
C-0060-S-REV Compass
C-0061-S-REV Scallop Flower
C-0062-S-REV Flower outline
C-0063-D-REV Layered Flower
C-0064-S-REV Spring Flowers
C-0065-S-REV Birthday Penguin
C-0066-S-REV Tropical Flowers
C-0067-BDR Border Waves
C-0068-S-REV Owl
C-0069-BDR Border Flower
C-0070-BDR Border Star
C-0071-BDR Film Border
C-0072-D-REV Tea Set
C-0073-S-REV Orca
C-0074-D-REV Church
C-0075-S-REV Backhoe
C-0076-D-REV Scarecrow
C-0077-S-REV Star
C-0078-S-REV Dinosaur
C-0079-D-REV Heart
C-0080-S-REV Scallop circle
C-0081-S-REV Zebra
C-0082-D-REV Tag
C-0083-S Tree
C-0084-S Penguin
C-0085-S Heart
C-0086-S Gift
C-0087-S Flower
C-0088-S-REV Spider Web
C-0089 ????????????
C-0090 ????????????
C-0091-BDR Spider Web Border
C-0092 ????????????
C-0093 ????????????
C-0094-S-REV Seal
C-0095-S-REV Octopus
C-0096-S-REV Chicken

Still waiting to find out code
Princess Carriage

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Archiver's Die numbers

Thanks to Brockadoodle. She was able to obtain all the die numbers so far. She was beyond kind to send them to me so you would have them. Thank You..

OWL C-0068-S-REV
TAG C-0082-D-REV

HEART C-0085-S
GIFT C-0086-S
TREE C-0083-S


Another Die in the Mail..

This is the month of the Dies.. I recieved a message from Jenn & from Scrapping Cottage that the Tea set is shipping. The poor mail man.. It is like Christmas in October.. Yeah...So Tuesday (Or if your Archiver's store is kind you) we will be able to purchase the Spider dies. Then the Quickutz release is on the 23rd.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Free Download & another is shipping

Hello Silhouette owners. Have you visited the Quickutz Blog lately??? You should.. There is a free ribbon download on the site...

The Back hoe is in the mail. Yepper you read that right. They just released it and it is already shipping.

Scrarecrow update

He is $35.99 and $5.95 for shipping.

A Scary discovery...

Desining Pages has released a Cutie. It is a scarecrow. He will be great for fall pages. Thank you Lori Ann and Michele for the tips, links and photos.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

They are in the mail..

Stalk your mail man.. It look's like Cali is not the only Exclusive die being shipped. (Mine arrived today..) There is news that the Church from Shop Remember When is also Shipping. Yeah.. It will be great for those who would like to use it as their christmas card..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Alright Ladies & Gentlemen. If you have not ordered your exclusive Horse from Shopremember when, you should consider it soon because once they are gone she will not be ordering more. She has placed her last order.

And we have pictures..

Just a note.. Cali the Orca from Scrapbuggy is on her way to everyone's home. Check your mail box.

So here are the pictures of the Archiver's Exclusives being released on 9/12/08. Get your speed dialing fingers and charge cards ready. Remember you can not purchase them on-line....

5 2x2 dies:penguin, present, Christmas tree, flower, heart
3 12" dies:star border, flower border, photo strip (looks like film negative) border
7 4x4 dies:dinosaur, nesting stars, heart (double die, layered w/swirl overlay), owl, tag (double die, layered w/swirl overlay), zebra, nesting scallop circles

This little beauty is from Scrapbook Express. They are the same creators of the Dumptruck and Tiara and Wand Die. Get it here. It is going for $18.99. It has some great detail to it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another new Die...

Scrapbook Express has just release a new die - A backhoe. Sorry i am working so I will post the picture and more info later.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Archiver's Rumor...

Here is a list of things coming out in the next few days from Archivers.

5 - 2x2: penguin (like 4x4?), present, Christmas tree, flower, heart
7 - 4x4: dinosaur (cutesy), nesting stars heart (double, w/ swirl overlay), owl, tag (double, w/ swirl overlay), zebra (I have had this info sent to me before but could not prove it true), nesting scallop circles
12" borders - star, flower, photo strip (looks like film negative)

Then of course the Spiderweb border and 4x4 die that they show in the newsletter.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A message from Susie..

I received a message from Susie. It is extremely nice of her to let us know.
I just wanted to let everyone who ordered our die I really appreciate it! I
hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!!
Scrap Happy Ohio owner

Susie.. I hope your move is going smoothly. And thank you for putting out another amazing die.

the Quickutz Exclusive Addicts of the world..

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Wow.. Princess Addicts are in trouble..

Princess Carriage

Oh my goodness this is beautiful. Another hit from Scraphappy Ohio.. It is $34.99, double revolution die. They are taking pre-orders and this die will ship in mid-november.

Cali the Orca.

Gia from Scrapbuggy got notification that Cali is heading to her store. This means she will be heading to our homes soon..

Scraphappy Ohio

They have not forgotten about us and our need to drool over Exclusive Dies. They are in the middle of combining their 2 locations into one fabulous store. The owner says she will post the information about the die very soon.

Friday, September 5, 2008


The Lighthouse exclusive die is now available for sale at Scrapyland. Along with the Tricycle, Elephant, Octopus, Seal, Chicken, Seahorse and a few of the swedish releases.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Some did you know..

Did you know the new church from Shop Remember When has a chimney included on the die so if you do not wish to use it as a Church you can change it up. So closer to Halloween it could become a Haunted House. Or you can be used for a congrats on your new home. or We have moved.. The ideas keep coming..

I will admit that I was incorrect about the release date of the ScrapHappy Ohio exclusive die. I remember months ago that said check back September 1st. But we get to sit here and try and guess what the next die will be. I know we all have September 15th marked on our calander.. Otherwise we can just keep stalking their site for this new die..

Yes I will admit, it was me that did when the new exclusive die from Shop Remember When. Okay the first thing I have to admit is you get a little stir crazy being stuck in the house. I had finished Breaking Dawn. I was unsure if I wanted to finish the book I had put down to read Breaking Dawn or start a new one.. So I took a creative break and just pulled out my supplies and just started playing. A little ADHD and cabin fever and see what you get.. I was just glad it made it there in time. I was afraid with everything put of wack because of Tropical Storm Fay. Well we have 3 more storms lined up out there in the Atlantic and a few more hurricane days I might get a lot of work done. Hey I might even get the recipe page due September 15th..

What do you think??? Sorry for the horrible picture.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Loon & cattails..

There is one on eBay.. Check it out..

It is official..

Shop Remember When has announced their new amazing die. It is a Revolution double die. It is going for $34.99 and they are starting to take pre-orders. This little gem will look great for wedding and baptism pages.
Shop Remember When. Great job guys..

This is getting insane...

Picnic set It consists of the Hamburger, Hot Dog, Fries, Apron, Oven Mit die. They have it as a Buy It Now for $275. Oh my goodness.

The Archiver's Giraffe is also on eBay. There are a couple of different auctions. They go for $145, $200 and $249. There is a deal with were you get the Hippo, Monkey and Giraffe for $145 The

Retired Sun die is going for $85 or $35. But someone is has a set with this die in it for $24..

The Utah set. $250.. For me that is a lot for a little bit of Jello.. At least it has free shipping.

Pear for $85.. That is one expensive piece of fruit.

The 2007 Archivers Penguin $79 or $99 as a Buy It Now.

The Coffee & Tea Set from Whim-so-doodle. $69.99. You can still purchase this die from the store that released the die. And they are extremely nice group and will ship it to you.

The Seahorse for $49 - Once again check out they still have some in stock and they are on sale for $18 And on and on..

Virginia the Mermaid -- You want one you can go to Scrapbook Express and they have some left.

Rule of thumb. Check out the store before purchasing your exclusive die one eBay. A lot of the stores still have some in stock for 1/2 the eBay price.