Monday, September 1, 2008

This is getting insane...

Picnic set It consists of the Hamburger, Hot Dog, Fries, Apron, Oven Mit die. They have it as a Buy It Now for $275. Oh my goodness.

The Archiver's Giraffe is also on eBay. There are a couple of different auctions. They go for $145, $200 and $249. There is a deal with were you get the Hippo, Monkey and Giraffe for $145 The

Retired Sun die is going for $85 or $35. But someone is has a set with this die in it for $24..

The Utah set. $250.. For me that is a lot for a little bit of Jello.. At least it has free shipping.

Pear for $85.. That is one expensive piece of fruit.

The 2007 Archivers Penguin $79 or $99 as a Buy It Now.

The Coffee & Tea Set from Whim-so-doodle. $69.99. You can still purchase this die from the store that released the die. And they are extremely nice group and will ship it to you.

The Seahorse for $49 - Once again check out they still have some in stock and they are on sale for $18 And on and on..

Virginia the Mermaid -- You want one you can go to Scrapbook Express and they have some left.

Rule of thumb. Check out the store before purchasing your exclusive die one eBay. A lot of the stores still have some in stock for 1/2 the eBay price.

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