Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And we have pictures..

Just a note.. Cali the Orca from Scrapbuggy is on her way to everyone's home. Check your mail box.

So here are the pictures of the Archiver's Exclusives being released on 9/12/08. Get your speed dialing fingers and charge cards ready. Remember you can not purchase them on-line....

5 2x2 dies:penguin, present, Christmas tree, flower, heart
3 12" dies:star border, flower border, photo strip (looks like film negative) border
7 4x4 dies:dinosaur, nesting stars, heart (double die, layered w/swirl overlay), owl, tag (double die, layered w/swirl overlay), zebra, nesting scallop circles

This little beauty is from Scrapbook Express. They are the same creators of the Dumptruck and Tiara and Wand Die. Get it here. It is going for $18.99. It has some great detail to it.

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See More Clearly said...

Thank you SOOO much for posting this imformation when you get it. I sometimes don't get the Archiver's emails, or I get them later than my sister, who buys the exclusive dies for me in Houston. Being able to see what they have helps me plan out how much I want to spend and give her plenty of notice on what to get for me. Your blog helps a lot!