Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Some did you know..

Did you know the new church from Shop Remember When has a chimney included on the die so if you do not wish to use it as a Church you can change it up. So closer to Halloween it could become a Haunted House. Or you can be used for a congrats on your new home. or We have moved.. The ideas keep coming..

I will admit that I was incorrect about the release date of the ScrapHappy Ohio exclusive die. I remember months ago that said check back September 1st. But we get to sit here and try and guess what the next die will be. I know we all have September 15th marked on our calander.. Otherwise we can just keep stalking their site for this new die..

Yes I will admit, it was me that did when the new exclusive die from Shop Remember When. Okay the first thing I have to admit is you get a little stir crazy being stuck in the house. I had finished Breaking Dawn. I was unsure if I wanted to finish the book I had put down to read Breaking Dawn or start a new one.. So I took a creative break and just pulled out my supplies and just started playing. A little ADHD and cabin fever and see what you get.. I was just glad it made it there in time. I was afraid with everything put of wack because of Tropical Storm Fay. Well we have 3 more storms lined up out there in the Atlantic and a few more hurricane days I might get a lot of work done. Hey I might even get the recipe page due September 15th..

What do you think??? Sorry for the horrible picture.

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