Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well aparently TS Fay likes it here. According to the news what has stalled 35 miles south of Palm Bay. We are to be at work tomorrow if the weather is not as bad as it was this afternoon. I could care less because I have the vacation time to stay home and my doctor is on call. We keep getting the rain bans coming in and the wind & rain keeps picking up. It is erie to hear the wind howl like it is. I have been seeing the occasional flash of light and know someone is without power. So far as of 9pm Satellite Beach has had over 9 inchs of RAIN. There was a section of the bans off of Satellite Beach that looked like it could spawn a Tornado. Luckly it did not come on shore. There was a Tonado souch down in Barefoot Bay that damaged 54 Mobile Homes, 9 are no longer inhabital. I like in a fortress. The previous owner built brick on block with concrete in the block. As of 11pm She is down to 50mph she is suppose to leave the Melbourne area around 8am. They are not sure where she is heading next. Either Daytona or St. Augustine.. So if it goes to Daytona it is heading to My Grandmothers house. Worry there is that she live in a Mobile home. She is currently with my uncle and his fiance.

-I got to peak at the new die from Scrapyland and he is too cute. They will be releasing a third die next week. Pre-ordering starts September 1st with the dies shipping in October.
-Shop Remember When will be announcing a limited die on September 1st.
-Archiver's is not sure when their dies are coming out. It seems to depend on what store you ask. Some say anyday. Some say September 1st. And some say at Scrapfest. We will see...

-If you have been stalking Ebay lately you are may have seen the Utah Set and The 3 die Squeeze LE dies from the Golden Squeeze giveaway. Th First ever exclusive set - Utah just sold for $174.78 and that Squeeze set went for $189.28. OUCH!!!. For some people that would be enough to fill up their vehicle with gas. I quit bidding on the Utah set at $20. I don't need Jello That bad.
-Do not be suprised if you see if you are seeing more of the Early Limited Dies.. Apparently Quickutz is has cleaned out their warehouse and have located some Halibut and Loon Dies. Scrapbook Too has some of the loon dies but they have it attached to some of their quickutz sales. You can read about it in their most recent Newsletter. I would love to her on of the Loon Dies but if it is ment to be I will end up with one. If not, Oh Well I did not need it.

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Disney Mummy said...

Hey Krissy,
Hope all is well (and more or less dry) at your house. Just talked with my FIL, whose calling his house checker down in Rockledge to make sure the man-made lake behind the house hasn't risen to house level yet. Naturally, it would be our bedroom that gets water first if that's the case! Take care and be safe.

Peace, Jenn Owen