Saturday, August 9, 2008

News from Archivers...

There are 15 Exclusives coming out
5 2x2's
7 4x4's
3 borders
They would only say it was the owl and Holidays, they would not go into what holiday. Also, I do know they are being shipped to A's on Monday and then A's ships them to each store


Sweet Pete said...

Hey you, I've been trying to leave comments on your other blog and it keeps reading an error. ???
I really enjoyed your lighting photos!!! They're great! And also, I wanted to know what you think about the book your going to start to read and darn it if I can't remember it know. But it's the "in" read right now. Can't remember the name, darn. I hope you blog what you think maybe after the first 2 chapters. I hate buying books without a real opinion, not a paid for reviewer, kwim?
Thanks, Pete

See More Clearly said...

Has there been any more word on when Archivers will release their August exclusive dies? Seems weird that there were rumors they would release them a week and a half ago, and there's be no word since then. August is almost over.....