Thursday, August 28, 2008

new hint..

If you get Archiver's Newletter there was a picture of 2 of their dies.. In August they used an Owl die in a project. Now we see that it is going to be releasing more holiday themed dies. Now we have a Spider web revolution die and border die.. Oh I must have the border die. It is great.. They will be available September 15th.


Michelle said...

Thank you so much for the update!! I'm so glad you keep this blog.

Anne said...

It may be just me but I don't like when the exclusive & QK regular dies are so much alike...the spider web looks just like QK's release from last fall....this one just has more lines in it.....don't get me wrong I love the exclusives & may most of them but I like for them to be different from other releases...

Unknown said...

I love QK dies and really enjoy the exclusive releases. BUT I don't think it's fair that QK allows a store to sell exclusive dies and not make them available on-line. The "closest" Archiver's is in Colorado. Yea, let me get in my car and drive for a couple of days to get a die. lol All of the other LSS offer their die on their on-line store or allow you to place a phone order. I tried that with A's and had no luck. So then I have to look on Ebay and if I really want the die I will have to spend $50-100!

It is especially frustrating when there are a lot of QK fans who have been wanting a spiderweb boarder and the only store to sell it is A's.

And you would think QK would be more willing to help the LSS than a Big Box Store. It seems like A's is always getting exclusives while there are LSS who would love to make one but can't.

Gotta love the business world.

Oh and thanks for this blog! I love being able to come to one place and see all the info. :-)