Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I know I know... I don't mean to be a tease..

But I can only give you what I have heard.. I have heard multiple dates for different releases.. I have heard December 16th, 18th & 22nd. We do know that Quickutz is set to release a bunch of new dies on the 16th. The Archiver's as you know is a guessing game. Some say the 16th and others the 22nd. I have heard there is probably a die being released on the 18th. Only time will tell.. I must say Quickutz has included the Hobby Lobby dies in their latest newsletter. I might have to make a run to Hobby Lobby on my trip to North Carolina later this month.. So in a nut shell in the next week or so we well all be drooling over new 2x2, 4x4 and border dies. Some people were lucky to catch a glimpse at the new Quickutz release when is was posted on a stores blog before it was pulled. I did and I must say they will look good etched in glass. So sorry to tease but that is all I know..

Hey Archivers--- I would like to see a Candle to go on top of the Cupcake. Sorry just my 2 cents.

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