Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thank You Geraldine

Courtesy of Geraldine I now have all of the codes for the Archivers new dies.
C-0047-D Globe
C-0048-D Coconut Drink
C-0049-S-REV Patterned Arrows
C-0050-S-REV Patterned Brackets
C-0051-D-REV Luggage Tag
C-0052-S-REV Beach Umbrella
C-0053-S-REV Palm Tree
C-0054-S-REV Tropical Leaves
C-0055-S-REV Flip Flops
C-0056-S-REV Pink Flamingo
C-0057-?-REV Wedding Cake
C-0058-S-REV wedding dress
C-0059-D-REV Beach Chair
C-0060-S-REV Compass
C-0061-S-REV Scallop Flower
C-0062-S-REV Flower Outline
C-0063-D-REV Layered Flower
C-0064-S-REV Spring Flowers
C-0065-S-REV Birthday Penguin
C-0066-S-REV Tropical Flowers
C-0067-BDR waves

This is where your help comes in handy. I am no where near any of the Archivers stores. They apparently have not decided to venture into Florida. But a wonderful read has sent these to me and I have posted them for all to read. I can not keep this up to date with out you guys help.

Thank you Geraldine, your e-mail was a big big help.

Now I just have to take the time to try and call around and get a few of the ones I want.


Unknown said...

You're welcome ;-)

If you wanna have piccies too, let me know, I have all except the Wedding Cake and Dress

Sarah said...

I sooooo want all of these, and we can't get these in the UK, so I am having to resort to Ebay. Keep up the good work, I really rely on you to let me know what's going on in the fabulous world of QK!!