Monday, June 2, 2008

Archiver's Die Numbers..

Since Archiver'sis now selling the new limited releases of course they are starting to hit eBay of course.. I will update as I get the numbers.

C-0049-?-REV Arrows

C-0054-?-REV Leaves

C-0055-?-REV Flip Flops

C-0056-?-REV Flamingo

C-0057-?-REV Wedding Cake

C-0058-?-REV Wedding Dress

C-0059-?-REV Beach Chair

C-0060-?-REV Compass

C-0065-?-REV Birthday Peguin

Coconut Drink (2x2 die)


Unknown said...

Because I don't have your email address can't sent you the complete list of all the new Archivers Exclusives.
Have to do it this way, hope you don't mind ;-)
C-0067-BDR waves
C-0060-S-REV Compass
C-0065-S-REV Birthday Penquin
C-0054-S-REV Tropical Leaves
C-0055-S-REV Flip Flops
C-0052-S-REV Beach Umbrella
C-0066-S-REV Tropical Flowers
C-0059-D-REV Beach Chair
C-0058-S-REV Patterned Arrows
C-0050-S-REV Patterned Brackets
C-0051-D-REV Luggage Tag
C-0063-D-REV Layered Flower
C-0061-S-REV Scallop Flower
C-0053-S-REV Palm Tree
C-0062-S-REV Flower Outline
C-0056-S-REV Pink Flamingo
C-0047-D Globe
C-0048-D Coconut Drink
C-0064-S-REV Spring Flowers

Angelique said...

Hi Krissy. Just got news of another exclusive. is releasing a new die. It is an Orca and it is cute. Her profile (scrapuggy) is on the QK community and an image of the Orca is in there also. She is having a Name the Orca contest till june 30th. Winner of the name gets the die for free. Die not due to be shipped before half september.