Saturday, January 5, 2008

Swedish release

These were released by ScrapHouse in Sweden. ( It is in Swedish and I could not find a place to order them on-line through this site.
The kind people at Scrapyland have them listed on-line. Thank you Scrapyland.
There are a total of 11 dies. They are all 2x2 dies that will fit both the Squeeze and Revolution.
Advent Candleholder C-0020-D $21.99
Crown C-0025-S $16.99
Flag C-0019-D S21.99
Grad cap C-0027-D $21.99
Lucia Crown C-0029-D $21.99
Midsummer Pole C-0021-D $21.99
pig C-0024-S $16.99
Skull C-0022-D $21.99
snaps & herring C-0026-S $16.99
Star hat C-0028-D $21.99
Sword C-0023-S $16.99

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