Saturday, January 5, 2008


C-0031-S-REV This die is for the Revolution tabletop cutter. $??.??
C-0033-D This is a 2x2 die which can be use with the Squeeze or Revolution cutter. $??.??
C-0032-D This is a 2x2 die which could be used in the Squeeze or Revolution $??.??
C-0030-S-REV This die was made for the Revolution tabletop cutter. $??.??

These dies were made for a chain store called Archiver's. Very few were distributed between to stores. According to a friend as of 1/5/08 she called 16 stores to make the set complete. They are not listed on their website. They are all over eBay but they are greatly over priced.

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Michelle said...

These aren't hard to find at the Archivers in Mall of America. They have all of them right now and are charging $16.99 for one. I just purchased the tree yesterday. Though I was shocked at the price :/