Sunday, April 11, 2010

What are you up to???

I know this has been a little quiet as of late. So since spring is here. What are you working on or doing paper crafting wise? Are you weeding thru all your scrapbooking/paper crafting supplies and getting rid of what you are not using? Are you catching up on the family album after finally recovering from the holidays? Are you preparing those end of year thank you gifts for the teachers who have great patience in teaching our kids on such a tight budget? So what is it???

For me it is: Work, Work, Foster babies, reading and the dentist. I have also been buying scrapbook stuff. I just have not had the motivation to do something. I did finish my easter cards and did actually mail them. I am looking forward to a group of friend getting together May 1st for a crop. In the last week I have started a crown and ended up with a root canal. My jaw hurt less from the root canal then getting ready for the temporary crown. I have to go tomorrow and get another impression of the work they did Thursday. I think the reason why is because I took something for pain prior to the appointment for the root canal. Yeah.. Ouch...So lets see what you guys have been up to???


Bobbie said...

Spent last weekend in Nederland (30 minutes west of Boulder, CO) scrapbooking. Nothing quite like the quiet of the mountains (where cell phones don't work) to get a lot done. What's up with Quickutz? No new exclusives and the latest dies are kind of lame ... in my opinion. Happy spring to you. Hope your dental work is completed soon.

Allison said...

Busy with work, family and trying to move my entire craft room into a smaller room while making it a craft/office for myself and my hubby. My current craft room is going to become baby #2's bedroom (due in October!). I've been buying crafting stuff like crazy and really trying to come to terms and realize that I just need to quit buying and starting making stuff! I did finish a page layout and 2 birthday cards and 10 Easter cards in the last 3 weeks... that's a record for me! Anyway, I'm a little worried about QuicKutz as the CHA release took for ever to finally come out, and they haven't had anything else for nearly 3(?) months? I used to buy from each release, but I just haven't been wow'd by anything in the last few releases :( I hate saying that because I still love QuicKutz. Although I just haven't *had* to have any of their dies lately, I have bought some from older releases.

Hope you're feeling better and have a quick recovery from that root canal!