Friday, March 27, 2009

An Announcement and a Sale..

Dani at Scrapy land announced that all of our emails, calls, Message board comments (For me whining) and letter have worked. He has decided to order another shipment of the bunny and build an animal dies. These are due to arrive in May. They are currently on sale on the Scrapy Land site. Click here to order yours. And while you are playing on Dani's site. He is having a sale on the exclusive die. So click here to order those exclusive dies you have been holding off on ordering. Order yours here..

I want to say thank you to all the readers Thank you for the kind words. I am glad you guys like seeing your projects on the site. I must say you ladies are extremely creative. And your work is beautiful. Keep posting them in the different galleries.

Okay now I have a complaint.. Quickutz - the new packaging is sooooo hard to get into without bloodshed. I like the new design of the cards that come with are nice.. Okay.. stepping off of soapbox.


Annika (swekinna) said...

I pre-ordered mine today both of them yipppeeeee

KatherineB said...

I completely agree with you. Opening the new packets in the QK range causes bodily harm!! Ouch!!

Disney Mummy said...

Fret not! A very clever person, who was also frustrated with sealed clamshell packaging and tired of getting regular transfusions after opening them, invented something to deal with the packaging. They are called "Open It! And Enjoy It!" They are a special type of scissors with a funky set of blades & an opening. They can be purchased at Home Depot and they are wonderful.

Disney Mummy said...

You can see them at this website: