Thursday, February 19, 2009

March Archiver's Die

I guess since they are making their way to the message boards, I will anounce what they are here.

Dog, Cat, Fox and Shark
a Font named Alligator.

When I get photos I will post on here.


Natasha said...

I cant wait to see what these look like. The Shark die & alligator font sound like they could interest me:-)
But then again, theres not much that doesn't interest me :-) :-) :-)


Unknown said...

OooOOoOo!! I can't wait to see the shark die! I'll probably have to get that one since it was one of the suggestions I made to QK when they had their survey.

Angelique said...

I want to see the cat die. I hope it is a good one.. I NEED a cat die!!!

Bearypatchdesigns said...

I'm so glad to see some really different from the normal dies coming out. I can hardly wait.