Friday, July 4, 2008

A plea for help.

I received an email from a wonderful lady named Cheryle. She is begging for some support in getting an exclusive die made. She is requesting a Covered Wagon. There is a store owner in Portland Oregon who is in the process deciding on an exclusive die. She is considering releasing the Covered wagon. I am sorry to say the store does not have a website or a blog. She does have a Yahoo Group. Think about all those school projects you could use this little gem for. If it is released in a 4x4 die. It would be to use with Remi the beautiful horse released by Shop Remember When. If I find an email address I will post it. I think it would be a great addition to my collection. How about yours... So lets all help Cheryle get her wish. Like I said think of the school projects it would help with...

There is some discussion about this on Scrapyland's message board too.

My two cents on exclusives.. or even just a regular release. I want Wizard stuff. Yes! I am a 32 y/o (almost 33 in 13 days) woman who Likes Harry Potter. I have 2 sets of the books, I have been to England & Scotland to tour the films sites and I am watching Order of the Phoenix as I type this.

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