Saturday, March 22, 2008

Archiver's is trying to break our banks

C-0043-S-REV Hippo
C-0044-S-REV Giraffe
C-0045-S-REV Chick
C-0046-S-REV Monkey

$19.99.. Sorry.. I had the wrong price.. it is corrected now

These are all new releases from Archivers. They are all revolution dies. I am working on getting the Die numbers. If you want these you need to start calling because if they are as limited as the christmas dies they will be gone in no time. That means they are up to 6 revolution dies and 2 2x2 dies.

3/23/08 The numbers are posted but I was not given as to which die they go with. Still working on it for you.

3/24/08 Well I have been able to get the numbers and which die it goes to. These dies have already hitting eBay. One seller is already offering them for $43 each. Maybe Archivers should limit people so others can purchase them. Someone also has them for $199.99 for all 4 dies.. Too much for my blood.. It I get them, I get them..


Anonymous said...
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Krissynae said...

The above post was for one of those junk ad spam sites... That is why it went bye bye

Anonymous said...
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Karin said...

Hi, just wanted to note that Archivers is selling these (if they still have them that is!) for $19.99, not $16.99. I just got two of them through a friend in the US, including receipts. I'm glad I got mine through someone who was willing to get them for me at cost instead of the people that buy them up to sell them on Ebay at double or more!

Kelley said...

Do you have any giraffes left?