Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random Babble..

Well 2 weeks ago tonight I came down with one of the many bugs going around. I rarely get sick and I am usually at work and doing my job when I am sick. This kicked my BUTT. I had a cough Tuesday night. Wednesday went to work and only made it to 1pm and had to go home because I could not think or see straight. Well I went to bed eating tylenol rapid release cold pills and it was not touching my fever but it was helping the cruddy feeling I had. By 8pm I should have gone to the ER. I had a fever of a 102.3 and that was after taking 1000mg of tylenol 2 hours prior. I finally got my fever down. Well by friday I still did not shake the fever. I went to my Primary Care Physician. 600mg of motrin and I still had a 100.2 degree fever. Well I left there with script for a Z-pack and Codine cough syrup. Well I filled those took a nap and felt pretty good by 2pm. Apparently I was still high off the codine. I though I would do some things that I have been putting off. I not only proceeded to do my taxes on-line and I remember ordering something on-line. I knew it was a limited die but I could not for the life of me remember what I had ordered. Apparently I read the e-mails and did not save them. And for the life of me I could not even remember what card I put it on. Well thanks to the e-mail from scrapyland I have ellie on her way to my house. She has been shipped. I knew I wanted her but I did not know which one I had ordered it was between Ellie and Virginia. This is why your credit cards should be locked up when you are taking Codine. It even got as bad that I bought my wallet and checkbook in the house to do my taxes. Saturday I went to the Walmart Family Market did some shopping and got to check out and did not have ANYTHING to pay for my groceries. Luckily I have the greatest mother who brought me my wallet. So the moral of the story. Do not go shopping with a High fever and dopped up on codine cough syrup.

So update.. Ellie the Elephant is Shipping out.

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Gèraldine said...

Received an email today from Scrapyland that they have a new Exclusive, a Tricycle. Thought you would like to know that ;-)